Ability to earn $500/year:

The scholarship is evaluated by the Officers and Board of Trustees of the Danbury Drum Corps annually. They will determine the validity, success, funding and overall program criteria.

Candidates must meet all eligibility criteria:

-Open to high school and college students 

-Candidate must be in good academic standing

-Candidate must meet all performance standards

-Candidate must make 65% rehearsals and 65% performances (concerts and parades)


If the criterion is met, the disbursement of the scholarship funds will be distributed directly to the educational institution, not to the candidate.

For further information you may contact us at

The Corps has been a staple in the community for over 85 years. Participation with the Corps provides students with uniforms, instruction and community service opportunities; in addition to being able to earn valuable dollars toward their future educations.
The Corps' performance season runs typically from mid-March through the end of October. The performance season consists of primarily  firemen's parades throughout the tri-state area, along with concerts, competitions and special events. The Corps rehearses from September to May.
The root of our musical repertoire is in traditional martial music selections like the Billboard March and Zacatecus. In addition, we have also added some popular arrangements like Late in the Evening by Paul Simon and the theme from Phantom of the Opera. We also blend in some more modern selections with a brassy Latin flair, such as La Pantera

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Wednesday nights, 7:30-9:30 from September to May

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